Josi Becker Signs LOI with Illinois Central College…

Watch Video of: Josi Becker Signing Day

Josi Becker has had her eye on Illinois Central College (ICC) for some time now, and ICC has had a lot of eyes on Josi as well.  ICC’s head coach Karrie Redecker made Josi aware of their interest quite a awhile ago and have been watching her closely throughout the summer and through the first 6 games of her Senior season.  Josi decided it was high time that she made it official and on Saturday, December 2nd, just hours before the Lady Potters played Monroe at the ICC CougarPlex, Josi signed her Letter of Intent to attend ICC in the Fall of 2018 and play basketball on scholarship for Redecker’s Cougars.

Josi is a pretty private person and didn’t want to make big to-do about the signing, but she expressed  how grateful she is for this opportunity and thanked all her teammates, coaches, fans and most importantly her family for helping her to become the person she is now.

ICC is getting a great player and an OUTSTANDING person.  ICC has won 6 National Championships in their history and if anyone can help win them a 7th, it’s Josi Becker.  If Josi knows anything, and she knows a whole lot, it’s how to win Championships!

You can watch the signing day highlights here:  Josi Becker Signs with Illinois Central College

Congratulations to Josi!!!!

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