“Chance for 7th straight”

Morton’s Lady Potters 48, Limestone 37

The Potters scored the game’s first 10 points and they won by 11. Nothing much thrilling happened in between. Maybe if I were in the Limestone gym, I’d have been excited. Because of covid restrictions I watched from home on YouTube. Not to say the livestream camera was far from the court, but it was like watching basketball from under God’s chin.

Good thing I had my right eye polished today. Yes, the eye doctor said I needed the right eye “laser polished.” The cornea lens implanted long ago after cataract surgery was old and dirty. A laser beam would fix that. Took 28 seconds. No pain. A world gone gray lately became sparkly with reds and blues. I celebrated with lunch at the Really Truly Golden Arches with the 2-for-$5 fish filet deal (with a Diet Coke $6.64, rounded up to $7 for Ronald McDonald House.)

So the game arrived on my PC in bright colors. But, look. When Morton’s 9-2 and Limestone’s 2-9 and the players are indistinguishable, I can step away from the game a minute. Bake chicken cordon bleu. Also, wash not one but TWO loads of clothes. Such was my Domestic Hero mood tonight that I had the washing machine and dryer running simultaneously. (A friend, the mother of five athletes, has a laundry room with double-decker washers/dryers. She can run all FOUR at once and replenish on the fly. I am unworthy.)

Things worked so smoothly that it didn’t really bother me when there was no sound on the game. I mean, we’re not going to get Todd Bisping and Troy Dowell doing commentary from Limestone. Nor did it bother me when my far-flung correspondent on the scene reported the first-quarter score as Morton 16-6. On my PC, it was 10-0. Thus alerted, I tried the “LIVE BROADCAST” button and got the LIVE BROADCAST. Brilliant.

Then I remembered that my PC sound comes from speakers set behind the monitor. I reached back there and clicked the speakers to ON. Amazing. Still no commentators, but shoes squeaked and basketballs bounced. Early in the third quarter, Morton led, 30-11. Rest of the way, I folded clothes.

Now 10-2 in Mid-Illini Conference play, the Potters still have a chance to win the regular-season championship. They go to Dunlap (11-1) Thursday night with a rematch at the Potterdome on Saturday afternoon. Two victories would give Morton its seventh straight M-I title.

Katie Krupa led the Potters’ scoring tonight with 19. Raquel Frakes had 10, Graci Junis 6, Sedona McCartney 5, Addy Engel 4, Paige Chapin 2 and Faith Hostetler 2.

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