“Hold my hand, please”

Metamora 46, Morton Lady Potters 43

I’ve been told it’s OK, even healthy, to talk to my wife, gone six months now.

“Sherri, I miss you. On my way to Metamora. Tough game tonight. Already dark at 5 o’clock. Hate that. Good night for driving, no rain and fog like going to Pekin last week. Easy drive on 117.

“I wish I could hold your hand. Wish we were 17 again. Remember that year? What a year.

“In Metamora now. Where’s the high school? You remember? I’m lost every time here. Been coming here for 10 years, never find the turn off 24 toward the gym. How can I always be lost in these little towns?

“Turn on Washington Street?

“What’s that dark space? Aarggh, must be Metamora Fields. Wrong way. Gotta do a u-turn in somebody’s driveway.

“Turning right on Progress Street. And a left back to 24. Past McDonald’s, no good. Recalculating.

“Left on Lafayette. Lights ahead. Made it. Want some popcorn?”

Metamora, now 9-1 for the season, played well defensively, moved the ball well on offense, took the lead early in the third and never gave it up in ending Morton’s undefeated streak at 10 games. It’s Metamora’s first victory over Morton since January of 2010. In those 11+ seasons, Morton defeated Metamora 25 straight times. The Potters’ coach, Bob Becker, called this one a game “we can learn from.” He also said, “There are lots of things we can do better.” A handful of careless turnovers is bad enough; the Potters made two handfuls. They also made costly fundamental basketball mistakes; twice in the critical last two minutes, the Potters somehow lost defensive rebounds on Metamora’ s missed free throws. In a one-possession game, no one can afford those mistakes.

“Wish you were here, Sherri. Stopping at McDonald’s for a comfort meal. Double cheeseburger, mustard and pickles. Want anything?

“Need to hold your hand on the way home.

“Love you.”

Katie Krupa led Morton’s scoring with 19. Paige Griffin had 15, Tatym Lamprecht 7, Izzy Hutchinson 2. The Potters were without senior guard Maggie Hobson, a late scratch from the starting lineup with a concussion sustained Tuesday at Washington.

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