Brian Newman; The “VOICE” of the Morton Lady Potter’s Basketball Team

The Potters for THREEEEEEE!  This has become my signature for the Morton Lady Potters.  I have no clue why I started doing it but it stuck and when I here opposing fans getting annoyed with it, I knew I had something. I have had the pleasure for the last seven seasons to be a part of the Morton Lady Potters Basketball Program.  I was asked to be a part of this by Mr.  Prichard.  I had Potter alumni Tracy Pontius from second grade through junior high in Sunday school.  I beat her in HORSE and Knock Out (she was in fifth grade and I have not played her since).  Announcing seemed like a fun idea and a great way to give back to the community. It has been great every game since.

I am originally from Monaca, PA, outside of Pittsburgh.  I moved to Detroit, MI at age 11.  I played basketball throughout high school.  I attended Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA were I played football and tennis.  I also met my wife, Carrie.  She is from Dunlap, she has dropped her alma mater in favor of being a Potter fan.  Carrie works for the American Cancer Society and represents ACS at the Morton Pink Night.  We moved to Morton in 1999.  I have two children, Emmy and Tyler and both keep me very busy in the very best ways.  I work for Child Care Connection at Illinois Central College and also teach Child Development classes at the college.

My best memories of the being the announcer for the Lady Potters was announcing the ladies at the pep rally both state.  The gym was just electric.  Anytime we beat Washington and anytime the Lady Streaks play in the Potterdome because it will be a great game.  I also love watching our players grow and see them gain confidence.

I am an avid sports fan.  My first love is football.  I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees fan (I like winners, hence why I cheer for the Potters).  I enjoy following the Bradley Braves and attending any live sporting event.  My favorite athletes are Lynn Swann, Charles Barkley, TO, Paul Stankowski, Mickey Mantle, Dominique Wilkins, Reggie Miller, Mario, Tony Stewart, Justin Leonard, Derek Jeter, Mel Blount, Hines Ward, the Fab Five, to name a few.  My best sporting event was the Ryder Cup in which the US won back the Cup.  I also enjoy traveling with family.  My favorite place to travel is Disney World.  We try to go a least twice a year.   It is the happiest place in the world, outside of Morton.