Incoming Freshmen Letter

I’m excited for all of you to soon enter Morton High School as freshmen of the Class of 2025!  You will have many new challenges, meet new friends, and also have so many exciting opportunities to take advantage of.  I have seen you improving and developing.  Several of you have played together for many years in Heat and with summer teams.  You are forming some special bonds as teammates in basketball.  I’m excited with the overall competitive fire that your class has shown. I’m excited about your freshman class.  You are good basketball players but even better students, teammates, and people.  You all could prove to be a strong class of freshmen!  You have potential.  What you do with this potential will ultimately be up to each of you.  Will you stick with basketball, keep working hard, compete for each other?  I don’t know.  I do know you have the opportunity to be special.  I want each of you to stick with this great game, stick with each other, and make the commitment to dream big and really work for achieving your dreams.

Our Morton High School Girls Basketball program has developed into one of the best in the state of Illinois.  We have a rich tradition for winning, developing players to play at the next level, and give back in many positive ways to our community.  Please visit our website at to learn a little more about us.  Our players are expected to be role models, excellent students, and work extremely hard.  It is a commitment, however, that can be very rewarding.  We look at it as a “Sisterhood” and our players have formed lasting friendships and shared experiences which they will remember and cherish forever.

I am not going to promise we will have a varsity freshman starting line-up.  I will promise we will NOT cut any freshman who try out for basketball!  I will not promise it will be easy.  I will promise to challenge you to reach your potential.  I will promise that our program will contribute in positive ways to our community off the court as well as on the court.  I feel very fortunate over the years to have been a small piece of something much bigger than me which has been very rewarding and special to be a part of for me.  I love working at Morton High School and being the Head Coach of Morton Lady Potter Basketball.  I hope you will choose to participate in our basketball program.  If you choose not to play please let me know why?

I am attaching our summer basketball schedule and letter I sent to my returning high school players.    Our open gyms and camps are for all levels freshmen – seniors.  We are still working on finding an underclass league but are not committed to one yet.  Please read it and let me know if you have questions or concerns.


Coach Becker